Buckthorn Berries


Rhamnus Petiolaris.
Flavanoid rich natural dye.
For hot and all-in-one dyebath techniques.
Also makes ‘sap green’ and ‘stil de grain’ lakes.

Also known as Anatolian buckthorn or Persian berries. The seeds of these plants can be used to create a range of shades including orange-yellow, yellow, beige, green, and khaki, depending on the mordant and modifiers used.

Production method:
Central Anatolian origin. Grown on rocky soil at altitudes of 1000 – 2500 metres. The plant’s small greenish-yellow flowers produce berries that remain green for several months, eventually turning brown or black.
The berries are harvested, dried naturally, and then powdered.


How to dye with Buckthorn Berries:
Ensure your fibre/fabric has been properly scoured and mordanted before use.
Use between 30-50g buckthorn seed to dye approximately 100gm of fibre. Increasing the buckthorn ratio, the darker the final colour achieved.

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