Langridge Handmade Oil Colour – Blues

It would be hard to overlook the still fabulous Ultramarine or Prussian when planning a selection of blues.  There are, however, some other blues in the Langridge colour spectrum which deserve attention.

Firstly there are the Cobalts (and by association Cerulean). Both opaque and dominant in masstone and delicate in undertone, they are to the blues what Cadmiums are to the reds and yellows. Langridge Cobalt Teal and Zinc Blue are perfect choices for azure and aquamarines. 

The biggest news in modern blues, however, has to be phthalocyanine. The tinting strength of Phthalo Blue is so strong that many paint-makers extend Phthalo with fillers so that it can be used straight from the tube onto the painting. We feel that this only serves to deny the artist a very powerful new tool. Phthalo Blue is an amazingly clean mixing blue yielding far superior secondary and tertiary mixes than any other blue currently available.