Langridge Handmade Oil Colour – Earths

Earth colours have always been, and continue to be, the most reliable colours of any paint range.

The subtleties of natural “ochres” are important to an artists’ painting practice and we take great pride in our selection. Our pure natural earths are supplied directly from pigment mines in Italy.

Langridge has always valued synthesised oxide pigments for their dense and powerful nature and have made them the centrepiece of our earths range, selecting only the purest grades available.

There are two colours here that are worth mentioning for their departure from what is usually expected from synthetic oxides. Transparent Yellow and Transparent Red Oxide are superfine pigments of exceptional clarity and transparency. Both of these colours come alive in their undertone, ensuring sensational results in mixes. Transparent Yellow Oxide exudes beautiful honey-like undertones, Transparent Red Oxide, while a deep crimson-brown oxide in masstone, radiates fiery burnt reds in glazes and tints. Very useful for retaining vibrancy in mixtures of brown and grey oxides.