Langridge Handmade Oil Colour – Greens

The Langridge green oil colours are split once again into the gentle traditional colours and the strong modern colours.

Cadmium Green and Chromium Oxide are as dependable and easy to work with as we’ve all come to expect. Both are soft and buttery and particularly well suited to landscape work.

Phthalo Green remains the workhorse here, a bright emerald green, and in tandem with Phthalo Blue they produce the deep cool tones of Turquoise Phthalo.

Of notable difference to the other greens is the thoroughly modern Brilliant Green. Almost fluorescent, this greenish lemon-chartreuse is unashamedly synthetic in character and fantastic as a mixer.

Green Gold sits in the middle of the traditional opaque colours and the bright, modern transparents. Nickel Azo in the mix lends an earthy warm glow to this colour.and, we believe, is particularly suited to the Australian landscape.