Langridge Handmade Oil Colour – Neutrals

The importance of neutral colours for a low-chromatic palette or for modulating brighter colours has resulted in three quite special colours: a beautiful single pigment grey; a natural titanium buff; and an intense modern take on Paynes Grey.

Uncommon Titanium Grey is a natural mid-tone grey, soft and buttery with a hint of warmth glowing through the greenish masstone. Similarly, Unbleached Titanium derives its buff-grey tones from natural impurities still present in the titanium ore.

Paynes Grey, since its introduction as a commonly produced colour in the mid-1800’s has changed its formulation from paintmaker to paintmaker. The idea of Paynes Grey is to be a more forgiving mixing colour than pure black, and we think that our contemporary mixture of Carbon Black and Ultramarine Blue is just the ticket.