Langridge Handmade Oil Colour -Reds

Langridge’s modern colour philosophy is exemplified by our choice of reds. The shift toward transparent magentas with high tinting strength away from traditional, opaque, “fire engine” reds we feel is necessary for modern artists to realise the full potential of their craft.

We are justifiably proud of our traditional Cadmium reds and Monoazo Naphthol Red that offer very pure reds with a warm yellow hue. However, our Quinacridone Red and Magenta are the high performers of the palette. Such clean and vibrant colours are critical in mixes and tints that are common to the Australian landscape and we believe that a move away from a muted “European palette” is long overdue.

“…colours available to the artist today are beyond the imagination of previous generations and their inclusion will create solutions to many artists’ problems. And for artists wanting to use a limited number of paints but who want to create a vast spectrum of colour the modern pigments open up dazzling opportunities.”

Langridge Master Paint maker, David Coles
Excerpt from Unweaving the Rainbow.