Langridge Handmade Oil Colour – Violets

It is generally quite simple to mix violets from Quinacridone Magenta or Red with any of our red-blues. However, we’ve decided to include two unique and very distinctive violets in our range for the unique qualities present in each of them. Both of these violets are quite different to each other in appearance, function and in their basic pigment qualities.

Manganese Violet is more towards red in the spectrum than Dioxazine. It is also a delicate colour with relatively weak tinting strength. When employed correctly, the reddish Manganese Violet is a very useful single pigment. Use it next to similarly opaque cadmiums.

In comparison to Manganese, Dioxazine is almost the opposite as far as Violets are concerned. Dioxazine is an incredibly powerful modern pigment with exceptional tinting strength. Almost black in masstone, it displays wonderful cool blue violets in undertone and tints. Especially useful in glazing.