Pyrrole Red

PyrroleRed_Drawdown text

Pigment: Diketopyrrolo Pyrrole

Classification: Synthetic Organic

Colour Index: PR254 (56110)

Vehicle: Linseed Oil

Hiding power: Opaque

Pigment Loading: Medium

Consistency: Buttery

Drying rate: 3-6 days


Product Code: 08102

Series: 4

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Pyrrole Red is a unique modern opaque pigment with very high chroma. Originally developed for automotive finishes, Pyrrole Red yields cleaner mixes for artists wanting an opaque mixing red.

Pyrrole Red is non-toxic and therefore is a perfect alternative to cadmium reds. Pyrrole has equal opacity but is superior to cadmiums especially for exterior application due to better resistance against strong UV light and moisture.