Red Pine Bark Extract


High in tannins and can be used as a natural dye to produce a range of yellow, beige and brown tones.
Red pine is native to the eastern Mediterranean, and to Calabria in Italy.

Production method:
Originates from red pine grown on the west coast of Turkey. Before the timber is processed, the bark is peeled away.


How to dye with Red Pine Bark Extract:
Red pine bark extract is high in tannin so it can be used without a mordant, but for darker shades, an aluminium mordant can be useful.
Ensure your fibre/fabric has been properly scoured and mordanted.
Use 20gm Red Pine Bark extract to dye approximately 100gm of fibre. Suitable for hot and all-in-one dye bath techniques. Cover the powder with boiling water and simmer for an hour. Strain off the solids and add the fibre/fabric to the liquid, topping up if necessary to allow plenty of room for the fibre/fabric to be moved around. Simmer for a further hour, allow to cool and soak for several hours or overnight. Stir occasionally to ensure even take-up of the dye/tannin. The use of an iron sulphate modifier after dyeing can provide olive greens.


Product code: 4156

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