Walnut Husks


Juglans Nigra. natural dye.
Product of Turkey. high in tannic acid. Makes brown textile dye.

Black walnut hulls are high in tannins and can be used as a natural dye to produce a range of brown tones.
Sourced from the Mesopotamia region of Turkey.

Production method:
Harvested in September. After collection, they are dried in the shade to ensure the colour content of the walnut hulls is not lost.


How to dye with Walnut Husks:
Walnuts are high in tannin so can be used without a mordant, but for darker browns, a mordant and the use of iron as a modifier is recommended.
Ensure your fibre/fabric has been properly scoured and mordanted before use.
Use 50gm walnut husk to dye approximately 100gm of fibre. The more walnut incorporated, the darker the colour achieved. Walnut Husks are suitable for cold, hot and all-in-one dye bath techniques.


Product code: 4152

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Walnut Ink recipe

NOTE: Wear latex gloves to avoid stained fingers.

100gm Walnut husk
110gm Water (ensure it covers the husks)
10gm Salt
10gm Vinegar (5% solution)

Add the water and walnut husks to a pot.
Simmer on stove till water becomes dark brown (approx. 15 mins).
Slowly add 10gm of salt. Once the slat has dissolved, turn off heat.
Slowly add 10gm of vinegar, stirring continuously. The mixture will effervesce.
Allow to cool, then strain through a filter.
Cover and leave aside for seven days. Place in a bottle for storage until used.