Reseda luteola.
Natural dye for producing brilliant yellow colours. For cold, hot and all-in-one dyebath techniques.

Also known as dyer’s rocket, dyer’s weed, dyer’s mignonette, and gaude.
Used to obtain a range of light and wash-fast yellow colours. Weld can be combined with indigo or woad for emerald and leaf greens.

Production method:
Anatolian origin. Weld is a biennial dye plant, native to Western Asia and the Mediterranean.
Harvested in summer.


How to dye with Weld
Ensure your fibre/fabric has been properly scoured and mordanted before use.
Use at least 50gm Weld to dye approximately 100gm of fibre. Weld powder is suitable for cold, hot and all-in-one dye bath techniques. To make a cold dye bath, pour boiling water over the powder and allow the mixture to cool before adding fabric/fibre. Leave for several hours or overnight, stirring occasionally. For brighter yellows, simmer the mixture for an hour before adding the fabric/fibre. Grey/green shades can be obtained by dipping dyed fibre in a solution of iron sulphate.

Product code: 4147

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