Gels, Pastes & Mediums

Golden offer a huge range of mediums, modifiers and specialty formulations giving the artist huge scope to experiment and find new application techniques.  Included in Gels, Pastes & Mediums are Clear Gels, Molding Pastes, Aggregate Gels, Aggregate Pastes, Pourable Gels, Slow Drying Mediums, Special Purpose Mediums, Fluid Mediums and Additives.

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Gesso & Grounds

It is of utmost importance to pay as much attention to your support as to the finished artwork itself.  Golden has made preparing surfaces simple with their high quality gessoes as well as adding new possibilities with their painting, drawing and digital grounds.

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Golden offers easy solutions to this most often neglected part of finishing and artwork.  Now there are no more excuses!

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