Langridge Artist Colours is a Melbourne based independent oil paint manufacturer founded by David Coles. From its establishment, the company has dedicated itself to making the highest performing oil colours and mediums freed from the conventions and limitations of historical paintmaking.


Handmade Oil Colours
Langridge Handmade Oil Colour is a high performance professional artists’ grade oil paint handmade at our Melbourne factory.  They look and feel different because they are different.

Langridge pigments are noted for their quality of grade and fineness, ensuring the maximum benefit in tone and chroma.

Drawing Inks
Langridge water-based drawing inks are formulated from a 100% water-based acrylic emulsion, incorporating only the most lightfast pigments available for exceptional permanency & performance.



Oil Mediums
Including Langridge’s non-yellowing mediums, fluid and thickened mediums as well as oil modifiers.

Drying Oils & Solvents
We supply artists with all of their oil and solvent needs.  Click heading for details.

Primers & Varnishes
It is important to choose the right primer or varnish for your needs.  Langridge has all of the bases covered to make sure you select the correct one for the job.

Encaustic Medium
Our modern encaustic medium formulation enables artists to fully explore the possibilities of this popular rediscovered painting technique.


Raw Materials

All of the key raw materials that go into making premium quality Langridge products are also available to artist for their own studio practices.

At Langridge we encourage and support artists who are forging their own way.  Recipes, tips and pointers can be found on the Resources pages of this website.



Langridge manufactures a range of decorative finishes for the antiquing of objects.

Rust & Verdigris bases allow anyone to convert virtually any surface & object into a genuine antique metal finish.