Zinc White

ZincWhite_Drawdown text

Pigment: Zinc Oxide

Classification: Synthetic Inorganic

Colour Index: PW4 (77947)

Vehicle: Safflower Oil

Hiding power: Semi-Opaque

Pigment Loading: High

Consistency: Buttery

Drying rate: 4-7 days


Product Code: 0802

Series: 1

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Zinc is our “coldest” white. The slight transparency of Zinc White makes it excellent for tinting and therefore a very useful white to have on the palette. It has a soft, buttery consistency and as such is often used as an additive to Titanium White oil paint (even if it not mentioned on the tube) to tame Titanium’s more difficult and “ropey” nature.

Milled in non-yellowing Refined Safflower oil.